Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The week after Lainee's birthday she got to the "Unique Utahn" in her class.  She brought a poster about herself to class & got to tell about it.

They also asked questions about Lainee & she told about herself & they played 21 questions to guess what she brought in the bee bag - it was her porcelain doll.

That day was also the "reading Like A Rock Star" assembly & everyone got to dress up like a rock star.  Showing us his best is Charlie!

We have also been enjoying the kids fall soccer season.  Trent is the lucky parent coaching Rigby's team this year!

We played Trent's friend's team (Nate E.) on that day. 

Here is Rigby's 1st goal of the season!  It was a little more impressive in person!

Here is his reaction after making the goal! He had the biggest grin & totally look over at me & is ready to give Trent a hi-five!

Lainee's soccer team.  She is once again a major player!  She has scored about half of the teams goals this year!  Of course I haven't remembered to get any pictures of them!

This is Lainee's teacher Mrs. Redfearn.  She is so sweet & came to her game.  Emma & Brooklyn are in her class as well.

Oops! This picture is supposed to be before the soccer pics! Oh well!  So this year's marathon marked Trent's cousin's husbands 1st anniversary of his brain surgery.  He was left paralyzed on his left side of his body & has slowly gained back most of his movement, so what does he do?  He runs the marathon!  And he was under 4 hours!!!

Cute Missy & Ammon waiting for him to come by.  I of course missed the picture of him going past the family!

That next day on Sunday Dalton was baptized at the east stake center.  Rick & Sue ended up walking back to Grandma's with pretty much all of the kids.

So cute!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lainee is 10!!!

I can't believe she is 10! Birthday breakfast of pancakes!

Then she got to open up presents from the family. A bunch of clothes, underwear (she was super embarrassed!), flip flops, & soccer ball.

This year she got to have a friend party. She invited Molly, Lauren, Emma, Abbie, Kennedy & Maggie.

We took them to the SHAC & let them swim & play on the lillypads...

and dive off the diving board. Lainee got brave this summer & started diving without plugging her nose!

Then we went outside for some cake & presents. Lainee wanted the same theme from 2 years ago with the flower cake & "Lainee"bug.

She got great presents from her friends & Maggie hit it on the spot with a "Lainee"bug pillowpet! She was so happy!

All the girlies!

That night the kids hung out at Gma Moss's while we went to Trent's 15 yr class reunion. Her aunt Jana came over & gave her this cute sweater! She got a gift card to Target from gma & gpa Moss which she spent on Harry Potter books!

We saved the present that she wanted most for last,

In keeping with the theme of "Lainee"bug she got a Happy Napper.

She was one happy girl! We sure love our Lainee & enjoy watching her grow & learn! She is so smart, loves to read, loves to play sports & is good at it, & is a great piano player. Everything she does is top of the class! We are so glad to get to have her as our daughter!
Here goes the catch up!
My cute little nephew, McCoy Ethan Maloy, was blessed over Labor day weekend.  So cute in his little tux!

Then a few days later my niece Crystal came home from her mission. Here is her arrival at the airport!

First hug goes to her mom!

After she hugged everybody there, she found her fiancee (Cody)! He swept her off her feet!

They got engaged the night she got home! He had been home for less than 1 month from his mission! (They both served in Tennesse - Nashville & Knoxville but were called to the same mission! They changed her mission the week before she left!) They are getting married on 11/11/11!!!

We also went to the rodeo with the Stahelis. Doug & Brad's families were right next to where we were! Cute girlies!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A first last!

My baby has started his first day of kindergarten!  He was SOOO excited! He woke up when I got home from my run this morning at 6:40 & went to get dressed for school! I convinced him not to yet & cuddle with me instead.  When I was getting the girls all ready this morning, he went & got himself fully dressed including his backpack & let me know he was ready for school.

Unfortunately he had to wait until 12:30 to leave for school! He watched that clock & as soon as it hit 12:30 he yelled out YES! & headed out to the car!

I love that face!

His teacher is Mrs. Guynn & he was so excited to get to class!

Found his seat!

And got coloring! With a lot of determination on his face!

I can't believe the time has finally come that all my kids are in school! I sure love my kids & love that they love school! It's going to be a good year!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School 8/15/11

Holy cow!  Where did the summer go?!
First day of school already!

Olivia started 2nd grade with Mrs. Ivey.

Lainee started 4th grade with Mrs. Redfearn.

Cute cute!

Kindergarten starts next week so pictures of my baby starting school to come next week. I hope I remember to take pictures!

End of summer!

 My kids are getting so brave! Jumping in from the side of the pool! Oh wait, they still have on life jackets! Not THAT brave! haha!
I love how synchronized this shot turned out! Both got their noses plugged!

Some good air!

Lainee learned to dive without holding her nose!

 Another awesome jump!

top braces! The doctor decided to go ahead & put on braces on her top teeth too! It is amazing how quickly they are straightening out already! She is going to look good! 7 years old & has braces! And she loves them!